At Village Hathur in Punjab, a group of ‘Amritdhari’ Sikhs gave up Sikh religion after the SGPC took over their Gurdwara Sahib. The Gurdwara was run by the villagers since independence but after the SGPC take over they said they had no choice but to abandon the faith.

The SGPC officials refused to make a deal with the villagers and out of outrage they handed their turbans and Kirpans to the SGPC officials. The act is shameful on both sides as a Sikh never abandons faith in his Guru and True Sikhs always stay true to their faith no matter what the circumstance.

In the video, they villagers can be heard saying they approached the Jathedars but no one listened to them.

The shameful act by the SGPC for being power hungry and greediness was showcased at this village.

Villagers abandon Sikh Faith by dailysikhupdates

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