A girl who was groomed recently speaks out and gives advice to other girls in the UK.

FRESHERS WEEK. Let’s get it started! So you’re in the club, the drinks are flowing NICELY, the guys are pretty hot you know – you could definitely get used to this wink emoticon. You’ve been anxiously waiting ages for this time and it’s finally here – not bad at all!

You’re with that person you remember from college, a few guys you met outside, you don’t really know anyone but you don’t really care, it’s all part of the fun right! Tonight is definitely going off! This guy seems nice, a bit older, definitely cheeky, seems to know everyone so must be safe- keeps buying me drinks so I can’t really complain. The music has stopped, all I can see is this really bright light, it’s really bright – blinding me and my head. My head, it’s pounding, throbbing…I can hardly move. Burning, it’s really bad, I think I need the toilet, the pain is awful – what has happened? Hell…I can’t speak, I’m frozen. There’s 4 guys standing around me. Who are you? Wait, where am I, what are you doing, where are my clothes, stop touching me! I don’t want you to.. get off! Stop videoing me! Leave me alone, mum help please, help.. mum please! Anyone please, I start to cry, no one can hear me, I can’t speak. He pulls his trousers down and pins me down by my neck, There’s blood everywhere.

That was 2 months ago, they drugged me, beat me, tortured and gang raped me. I want to speak out but I can’t. I can’t speak, what if my family see the videos? How could I shame them like that, I’m too scared. If they ever find out I’ll definitely kill myself. I have to see the men every evening, there’s 6 of them now, and I’m pregnant. I’ve stopped crying nowadays, I’m just numb, all I want is my life back. My drink was spiked, I was a victim of sexual grooming and I can’t escape.

Be extra vigilant, be alert. Don’t accept drinks from anyone and always keep yours with you. Don’t follow anyone despite how nice they seem. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

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