(DSU News Bureau) A Sevadar at Sri Harmandir Sahib gave Deepika Padukone parshad in one hand at Sri Harmandir Sahib. The incident which occurred last year has just recently surfaced.

The 2 pictures clearly show the sevadar giving parshad in just one hand of the Bollywood actress.



The sevadar should have prevented the sacrilege and refused to give parshad unless the Bollywood actress cupped her hands.

Karah parshad is given in cupped hands as a sign of humility, respect and equality among Sikhs.

Blasphemy at Sri Harmandir Sahib is happening particularly because well known people are being allowed to break the maryada. Siropas are given to people for no reason who’ve done nothing for Sikhi. The traditions of Sikhs are being watered down and eventually no one will have respect for Sikh traditions unless the maryada gets maintained.

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