Seva84 Working Tirelessly to Help 1984 Sikh Genocide Victims

1150388_616289595078592_543553421_nNEW DELHI, India — One organization has been working tirelessly to assist the victims of the 1984 Sikh Genocide. One of the only widow colonies in the world is in Tilak Vihar, where 4000 were killed during a 3 day killing rampage that left 1300 widows and over 4000 orphans. SEVA 84 has been working in the widow colonies since the Winter of 2011. The victims are living in severe poverty and where drug use is among the highest of the local youth. The group works to provides healthcare, education, clean water, and counseling and rehabilitating those who are addicted to drugs. They have launched various campaigns to help the needy children one of them being educating 101 children belonging to poor families who don’t have the financial resources to send their children to good schools. Also, in December of 2012, Seva84 was the first group since the Sikh Genocide in 1984 to set up a Medical Health Camp for the residents, most of the residents hadn’t seen a doctor. A total of 132 people were diagnosed with various illnesses and hundred of others were given a medial Check Up.
Ek Benti: Please support Seva84
“Seva84 have been working in the widow colonies since winter 2011. These are colonies where victims of 1984 are living in severe poverty in Delhi. Please take the time to watch and share this video.

Seva84 receive very little donations, yet managed to complete several much needed projects. Its been 29 years since the 1984 Genocide. Its about time we helped those who have suffered so much. More work of seva84 can be seen here Every person deserves healthcare, education and clean water. These are things the survivors of November 1984 are denied. Please support Seva84.

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