SEVA84 Launches First Ever Drug Rehab in Genocide Colonies

A UK Sikh Organisation called Seva84 has started a new initiative to end drug use in the 1984 Sikh Genocide Colonies. The project titled “Make Drugs History Project” is a first of a kind initiative in the drug struck colonies. The project aims to give specialized help to the youth who’ve been addicted to drugs and want to be rehabilitated. The program covers various services such as the following: Individual and Family counselling as required, Support as required to the families whilst the persons are in rehab, Intensive Tailored Individual programs, Therapy for any mental trauma suffered, Residential Treatment, Partial Hospitalisation if required, and And Drug Addiction Intervention Methods.

Three young men have signed up to be part of the first series of rehab courses. These young men have been directly affected by the 1984 genocide as many of them take drugs due to mental trauma and or inability to cope with their largely ignored problems. The program is being administered by highly trained specialist in the areas of mental and physical health. It’s important to point out that this the first drugs rehab program in 30 years since the 1984 genocide. The youth at the genocide colonies have been ignored by all Sikh groups until Seva84 started work to bring lives of those affected back to normal.

This past month Seva84 provided electric rickshaws to the needy families of the colonies to get them back on their feet. Many of these families have rejected donations as donations are temporary and these families were in need of weekly independent income. Seva84 came up with a brilliant program to provide a self sustainable life in the form of daily labor. Already a success, Seva84 looks to provide more families with such ways to earn income and support themselves. If you would like to donate please visit the links below:

. To support Seva84’s work please donate at


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