SEVA84 Initiative Provides Employment For 1984 Widows

Introducing Project : 84 Sisters

Following our rickhshaw distribution & Make Drugs History employment projects, Seva84 has started yet another much needed empowerment initiative, to enable our underprivileged communities in the 1984 widow / genocide colonies to become self sufficient.
Seva84 has set up a small clothes stitching center with export quality sewing machines to enable the mass production of various clothes items.

The “84 Sisters” project is designed to generate employment for women during flexible hours at their convenience.

Over the past 5 months, “84 Sisters” project has been training women from poor households how to stitch professionally. We are training 4-6 women each month. Currently 25 women are benefiting from this work scheme, working just 4 hour shifts over 5 days a week thus raising their household monthly income.

Our main product is currently Kachara’s, which has been sold at Gurdwara Bangla Sahib, wholesalers and directly to customers. This is all thanks to you caring people

Each person / business that purchases “84 Sisters” produce is supporting self sustainability in the Genocide Widow Colonies, Delhi and are contributing to lifting these forgotten people out of poverty.
Phase 2 of this project will be commencing in the near future. Thank you all for your amazing support for Seva84 which has helped to empower our SISTERS!!

Via Seva 84

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