(DSU News Bureau) An interfaith Sikh wedding took place inside the Diamond Bar Center in Diamond Bar, California. The information was revealed by the event organizer Electric Karma International.

Guru Saroop Inside Banquet Hall
Guru Saroop Inside Banquet Hall

The wedding took place in one of the banquet halls and alcohol is served openly. A granthi and kirtanis are in serious violations of letting the wedding happen and taking Maharaj Saroop to a place that serves alcohol.

Interestingly enough electric Karma called the Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj a ‘Mandaap’ and shows the company isn’t familiar with the Sikh faith.


However, a Raagi Singh can be seen in the picture getting ready to perform kirtan.

The event violated various Akal Takht Hukamname of the Sikh wedding code of conduct and no saroop allowed at place where alcohol or tobacco is used.

Diamond Bar Center Outside

The Gurdwara committee who allowed the wedding to take place is in serious violation of Sikh codes. The nearest Gurdwara Sahib to this Diamond Bar Center is the Walnut Gurdwara Sahib. Attempts to contact the Gurdwara Sahib have been unsuccessful. You can contact them at: (909) 869-6165 to find out why they allowed this wedding to happen.

According to Akal Takht Hukamname and Sikh Council guidelines an “Anand Karaj” can only be between 2 Sikhs.

The Sikh Council in their guidelines states “Any person wishing to exercise the choice to marry in a Gurdwara Sahib through the Anand Karaj ceremony must sign a declaration (Appendix 1) that confirms:  He or she is a Sikh, believes in the tenets of the Sikh faith and owes no allegiance to another faith.”

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