A senior Indian journalist Shekhar Gupta has spoken out about the Canadian PM’s visit to India and stated that his trip to the country should be cancelled. He cited that “powerful Sikhs are reviving radicalism” and the state and centre governments concerned.

The tweet which became controversial was when the journalist wanted the visit of the Canadian PM and his delegation to be cancelled due to ministers which Captain Amrinder Singh claimed promoted Sikh radicalism.

In one of his tweets he writes that the centre is concerned about powerful Sikhs reviving radicalism, he says, “As Trudeau comes calling, powerful sections of Canadian Sikhs are reviving radicalism. Centre & Punjab are both concerned.”

He tweeted an article on the visit:

The head of the Iranian government is also in India for a three day visit which started Friday. The journalist in a tweet wrote compared two visits in saying:

“The short @HassanRouhani visit is politically, diplomatically, commercially & strategically much more important than Trudeau’s week-long travels. Yet glamour will get him far more media”

Sikh researcher Harinder Singh responded to the tweets:

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