“Send Me an Army of Sikhs” Said Canada’s First Prime Minister

Here are the Exact Words by Canada’s First Prime Minister, Sir John Macdonald who requested help of the Sikh Army in 1867 due to a potential War.

Although, The Sikh army never went out to help Canada as there was no war, but the fact he requested help of Sikhs, says a lot about the capabilities of the Sikhs in the Armed Services.

Here are his exact Words: “War will come someday between England and the United States and India can do us Yeoman’s service by sending an army of Sikhs…across the Pacific to San Francisco and hold that beautiful and immortal city with the surrounding California as security for Montreal and Canada.”


This letter was penned down by Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, in a letter penned in 1867, starts in part the history of the Sikhs in Canada. While the Sikhs did not arrive on his command, they did eventually come to Canada 30 years later, in 1897, as part of an army celebrating Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.

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