Security Measures Strengthened at Borders

The police strengthened security measures at Singhu and Ghazipur Borders sites.

In a video posted by Twitter user and Journalist Anurag Dhanda, it appears to show the police barricading and force at what appears to be the Ghazipur Border.

Workers were seen embedding iron rods into the cement barriers along the Singhu border. Another part of the Delhi Haryana Highway saw construction of a cement wall between barricades.

The government has taken upon themselves to strengthen the barricades by increasing the force and number of barriers at all three farmer protest sites.

Cement was poured between the barricades to strengthen the separation between the protesting farmers and the police personnel.

Metal spikes were embedded for the prevention of any tractors crossing past the barriers.

NDTV Video shows the extent to the barricading:

The Indian Express reported that walls were being poured at Singhu Border:

WATCH: A small report from Tikri Border. Roads dug up, big boulders put and now big nails plastered on streets to stop farmers and tractors from entering the national capital.