Secret Tunnels Discovered in Amritsar

An antiquated passage made out of Nanakshahi blocks has been found in the Lohgarh region of the old walled city of Amritsar. Is it true that it was a mystery entry set aside a few minutes of Maharaja Ranjit Singh to connect Kila Gobindgarh and Harmandir Sahib, or is it part of the antiquated Lohgarh Fort itself?

Here is a guide of the tunnel system underneath Sri Darbar Sahib:

Indeed, even as puzzle wins about the revelation of an antiquated notable underground passage molded structure at the Lohgarh territory in the walled city, the Archeological Survey of India (ASI) demonstrated little enthusiasm to think about its genuineness.

The nearby metro bodies, which risked upon the notable structure while burrowing the territory for the restoration task of the current underground sewerage arrangement of the city, had passed on the news about its revelation to the ASI on Wednesday, yet none of the authorities from their side has turned up so far to look at the site.

In any case, while taking a gander at the idea of the structure made of old Nanakshahi blocks, spectators here estimated that it could be a security entry made in the Maharaja Ranjit Singh period from Kila Gobindgarh to Harmandir Sahib, to be utilized as a crisis exit amid war. Another hypothesis says that it more likely than not been one of the relics of the old Lohgarh Fort, assessed to be found some place close-by, at one time.

MC Commissioner DPS Kharbanda said when such bits of gossip went to his notice, he passed on the equivalent to the ASI authorities. “Something else, being an old city, it has a plenty of old chronicled structures and there was nothing surprising about it. It tends to be an old sewerage section as well, yet you can’t reach at any obvious end result till specialists come and look at it. All things considered, I rang them up yet they have not touched base to inspect the spot up ’til now,” he said.

Charandass, senior colleague with the archeological division, conceded that he had gotten the message yet said since he was in Chandigarh, he couldn’t see if any group of the ASI has visited the spot or not. He alluded another authority – Dr Kuldeep Singh’s name – to learn whether move had been made.

Dr Kuldeep Singh, in any case, just denied getting any such message.

In the interim, the Punjab Water Supply and Sewerage Board, in a joint effort with the metropolitan enterprise, continued with the burrowing work, to execute the work on sewerage and increase of existing underground framework, under the Ministry of Urban Development’s program.

It is out of the blue that a Rs 40-crore venture is being executed in the city, which would oblige around 50,000 individuals living in 31 regions. Explaining further, DPS Kharbanda said this venture was being embraced out of the blue after 1947.

“We have been accepting no less than 20 grumblings day by day about the gagging or obstacles in the sewerage framework here. This task would review their concern for all time”, he said. Superintending engineer GK Goyal, who headed the task group, said this segment is the life saver of the walled city and after the laying of these new pipelines, a noteworthy piece of the sullage would be redirected to the fundamental channel.

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