A scientist has unraveled how all humans cells are related to each and how happiness and sadness go hand in hand. While giving a Tedx talk Dr. BM Hegde has shown a theory of how cells respond to emotions and thought.

He stressed that a person is more prone to illness if he/she has negative thoughts towards another person. It reminds of when Giani Sant Maskeen Singh Ji said that how can one be happy if he thinks bad of another and more prone to illness.

The scientists explains that the human cells will respond positively and cure illness on it’s own without need of medicine if a person is connected spiritually to god. He says there is a higher power which the cells adhere to if they are connected to.

Dr. Hegde seems to be connecting the concept that everything in the universe came from god almighty and we are all cosmic dust which originated from god almighty.

He says the body acts negatively to modern medicine and tries to destroy it and damage of the liver occurs. He stresses the leading causes of the death is Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR).

Dr. Hegde says an energy exists in the world and natural treatments should be used to treat illness along with spiritual healing.

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