A mentally unstable and paranoid woman Gundeep Sangehra admitted to killing her daughter in 2014 after she “leapt” from her first floor window causing the baby and mother to fall.

The incident which occurred in Bradford, UK left the baby Amritra Kaur dead and the mother sustained serious injurious.


Gundeep pleaded guilty in court “on the grounds of diminished responsibility” and due to mental health issues was given an indefinite hospital order.

However, the police never determined whether she jumped off the window with her daughter or threw the daughter first. She was given the sentence due to negligence that led to death.

The lawyer of the woman stated she was a devoted mother but recently suffered from paranoia and became schizophrenic. She feared someone would attack and torture her. Gundeep was a victim of domestic violence in the past that could have contributed to the paranoia she developed of someone harming her.

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