Born as Nimrata Nikki Randhawa, Nikki Haley a Sikh turned Christian posted a picture of her parents on their 55th wedding anniversary.


Nikki Haley wrote:

My parents celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary this weekend. Their main goal was always creating a better life for their children. All of these years later they continue to hold hands, never leave the other’s side, and take care of each other. My brothers, sister, and I learned the true meaning of love, kindness, and hard work from them. They are a true inspiration. #Blessed

Interestingly the comment which drew attention was:

John W. Troutman: Are they Muslins?

Nikki Haley responded by saying “No”

Several more interesting comments were observed:

Michael Latham Really. Do they look Muslim? There Indian. Not the Native American type, now American.

More on Nikki Haley from Wikipedia:

Nikki Haley (born Nimrata Nikki Randhawa; January 20, 1972) is an American Republican politician who has served as the 116th Governor of South Carolina since 2011. Prior to becoming governor, she represented Lexington County in the South Carolina House of Representatives from 2005 to 2011.[5]

Haley is the first woman to serve as Governor of South Carolina; at the age of 44, she is the youngest current governor in the United States. She is the second Indian American governor in the United States, after Bobby Jindal of Louisiana. As governor, she also serves as chair, ex-officio, of the board of trustees of the University of South Carolina during her term in office.

On November 4, 2014, Haley was re-elected to a second term as the Governor, a term that will expire on January 9, 2019.

Haley delivered the Republican response to Barack Obama’s final State of the Union address on January 12, 2016.[10] She has also been touted as a potential vice-presidential nominee for the Republican ticket.

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