Saurav Ganguly Dressed Up as a Sardar for an Interesting Reason

Saurav Ganguly has revealed in his new book ‘A century is not enough’ where the 45 year old cricketer shares some of his life’s interesting times. In the book, he tells that during Durga Puja he dressed up as a sardar to attend the Puja.

The reason to dress up as a sardar was to avoid being noticed by the public and to partake in the entire puja.

“I am so hooked to the Pujas that I make it a point to always accompany the deity on her final ride. In Bengali there is a semi-tragic word for it – bisharjon. This is when the deity is immersed in the Ganga. The scene is amazing – the energy is sky-high, the crowds full of joy and sorrow at seeing Durga Ma going away, it’s truly memorable. The area around the river is so crowded that once, during my Indian captaincy days, I decided to go disguised as one of Harbhajan’s tribe. Yes, disguised as a sardarji,” Ganguly wrote.

“Now I could have been mobbed big time. The situation could have gone out of control. But the thrill of accompanying the para boys and family members on the truck carrying the deity was just too irresistible,” added the former India captain.

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