A hand of a woman who was working as a domestic help in Saudi Arabia, has been chopped off by her employee. Kasturi, from Tamil Nadu, was working as a maid in Riyadh and had registered a case against her employer who chopped off her hand in rage.

The IB Times Reported:

“A woman from Tamil Nadu — working in a Saudi household as a domestic help — has been hospitalised in Riyadh in a critical condition after her right hand was chopped off by he employer, as per TV reports.

Kasturi Munirathnam, who has suffered severe injuries on her body and limbs, has been admitted to Kingdom Hospital, Manorama News reported.

The woman, who hails from North Arcot near Vellore, had reached Saudi Arabia two months ago. In August, Kasturi was first taken to Damam and later shifted to a house in Riyadh, where only women stayed.

She was reportedly burdened with heavy workload and was not even allowed to have telephonic conversation with her relatives in India.
When Kasturi managed to get help from a Tamil Nadu native, she was locked up inside a room and was subjected to mental and physical torture ever since.

Once when she received death threat from the women, she tried to escape through the window of her room. However, when she got out, her hand was chopped off allegedly by her employer.”

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