1. Qatar – It’s been reported by dozens of news agencies that over 1,000 Indian migrants died in the years leading up to 2014 and the number is suppose to top 7,000. The vast amount of migrant workers come from the state of Punjab.

After Jitendar Singh Khalsa from Punjab died while laboring in the harsh working conditions of the country, a wide spread news media efforts revealed that thousands of migrant workers were dead in the country due to harsh conditions.

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2. Saudi Arabia – A number of women have been made slaves in the country which come from Punjab. The women are sold by agents to rich men in the country in the promise of steady income. To the surprise of the women, the women were not paid any salary and became stuck in the country.

A recent incident shocked the Sikh community where a Sikh man named Gurwinder Singh was jailed for a crime he didn’t commit.
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3. Iraq – Thousands of Punjabis were stuck in the country during the invasion of ISIS. Hundreds of Punjabis were killed while many were brought back under dangerous conditions. The men became hostages under ISIS and were killed in a open field.

4. Afghanistan – Thousands of Sikh families relocated to various parts of the world after persecution from the Taliban from 1980-2010.

The documentary called Mission Afghanistan revealed the sad story of the Afghan Sikh families.

“Pritpal returned from this dangerous mission with, in his words, “The treasure of well over 1500 photographs and films of key historical Gurdwaré, Mandir & Mosques of Afghanistan – something which has never been done in past!”

He travelled to Kabul, Jalalabad, Sorkhrod, Agha Sarai, Charikar, Salang and Ghazni.

Truly, his mission to bring out the truth about the desperate condition of his fellow Sikhs in a country where their forefathers lived for thousands of years, is a remarkable achievement. He loves his country of birth and is concerned that “if they migrate to other countries, our history and our historical sites will vanish”.”

Watch the documentary: Mission Afghanistan

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