Satkar Committee Pledges to Put 5Ks Back on Boy After Village Leader’s Removal Act

A boy known as ‘Mukh Mantri’ or Damanpreet Singh was stripped of his Five Ks by the local Gurdwara committee. The boy’s song’s which included Punjabi swear words weren’t appreciated by the local body of his village.

Sikhs from around the world were outraged over the act and people came in support of the boy. People argued that no one other than the Panj Piyare have the right and that too with full due process. The Sikh groups from around the world stated in various videos that a person’s Five Ks can’t be removed by anyone and only the Sikh Supreme authorities have the right to take action.

The Sikh philosophy teaches forgiveness and to appear before the Panj Piyare or the five beloved ones where usually a punishment of forgiveness or service is given. The punishment of the removal of the five Ks has never been given on record.

The head of the Satkar Committee stated that the boy didn’t commit any major mistake and the decision taken by the local body was not justice.

The Satkar Committee issued the following video after visiting the boys home and pledging to put back his Five Ks according to the Rehat Maryada.

Those who removed the boy’s Five Ks issued the following statement:

The song below caused the outrage which was very widely shared:

People approached the boy and after coming under pressure he apologized and pledged to not make such videos.

However, many people on social media have expressed outrage that his Five Ks were removed by the committee over a song. They questioned the practices of the SGPC and other political figures who’ve done much worse and end up doing sewa at Gurdwaras yet never stripped of Five Ks.

The public on social media were in support of the boy as they felt he should just be given punishment of sewa like the rest of the people who’ve broken religious protocols.

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