Sarvjeet Catches Jasleen Telling Lie on Live TV Debate

News Nation brought together both Jasleen Kaur and Sarvjeet Singh to a common platform in order to get to the bottom of the truth behind the whole incident.

During the program Sarvjeet Singh asked a simple question to Jasleen regarding the length of the conversation which took place at the time of incidence, according to her. When Jasleen responded, 3-4 minutes, Sarvjeet noted and pointed out that no traffic signal in Delhi stays red for 3-4 minutes.

Jasleen then became defensive and her attitude as noted by many viewers has leaned the thinking toward the idea that Jasleen was indeed the one who was abusive toward Sarvjeet as reported by eye-witnesses to the incident.

Jasleen Caught Telling Lie on TV by dailysikhupdates

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