The case of Jasleen Kaur vs Sarvjeet Singh captured the attention of the nation after it became a trending topic on Social media, then spilling over onto national TV. Sarvjeet was initially arrested but later released on bail.

At first the public was behind Jasleen as she was seen as a brave girl who confronted the man harassing her. But then with further information surfacing, the balance shifted in favor of Sarvjeet.

If we were to compare the reactions, statements and attitudes of the 2 people involved it can be summed up as show in this video.

On one hand, Jasleen Kaur accused Sarvjeet of threatening and molesting her by talking of her genitals and for the same, thus terming him as a pervert; whereas Sarvjeet (accused of these charges, but not yet proven) has the image of a calm and sensible guy and even went as far as saying Jasleen is like my sister on a National TV channel.

Sarvjeet Calls Jasleen Sister On National TV by PunjabSpectrumCom

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