Sarbatt Khalsa of 1986

What is a Sarbatt Khalsa and What Happens?
Meeting of Khalsa Panth Begins with Ardas. The Body Chooses Panj Piare, which act as the ones that represent the Khalsa. Panj Piare Looked to Solve Issues or Disputes that come up. The Proposal Which is Passed by the Sarbatt Khalsa is Called Gurmata( Guru’s Decision) and all Sikhs are Binded to It. Sarbatt Khalsa is often Called in times of Conflict or to¬†solve Major Issues Facing the Khalsa Panth.

Sarbatt Khalsa was held twice a year since it’s inception. It is a Decision Making Process.
Sarbatt Khalsa Was Held Frequently after Guru Gobind Singh Ji Called it in 1708. After the Sarbatt Khalsa of 1805, The next one was held 120 Years later in 1925. The Most Recent one was Held in 1986.


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