Sant Samaj FIRES Baba Harnam Singh Dhumma Over Supporting Pardon

October 3, 2015-An emergency meeting of 3 of the 5 seniors members of the Sant Samaj Executive committee was held where it was decided to give Baba Harnam Singh Dhumma the exit. The three senior members were Baba Sewa Singh Rampur Kherawale, Sant Hari Singh Randhawa, and Sant Lakhbir Singh Ratwara. The meeting took place at Gurdwara Ratwara Sahib where the three discussed the issue of the Akal Takht pardon and decided to oppose the pardon by the Akal Takht Jathedar to Dera Sirsa Sadh.


According to sources within the Sant Samaj, it was decided to walk a separate from Baba Harnam Singh Dhumma, the Damdami Taksal head because he supported the committee made by the Akal Takht Jathedar to look into the pardon decision. The Sant Samaj senior members opposed the letter Baba Harnam Singh Dhumma wrote in support of the ‘Special Committee’ formed to fool Sikhs and to cool down tempers within the Sikh community.

In a signed letter given to media, the Sant Samaj decided that no matter what it will oppose the pardon and will keep opposing it until the Akal Takht Jathedar takes the decision back. The general secretary of the Sant Samaj Baba Sukhchain Singh is unhappy at those who took a U-Turn during the meeting of the SGPC’s general house.

Also, the Sant Samaj has decided that it will longer adhere to political pressure and will start to take decisions for the Panth rather than for the benefit of any political party.

Sources deep within the Sant Samaj has also disclosed that the past decision to support the ruling Shiromani Akali Dal wasn’t a majority decision by the Sant Samaj senior members but rather a decision of Baba Harnam Singh Dhumma.


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