Sant Baba Ram Singh Shoots Himself in Solidarity to Farmer Protests

Sant Baba Ram Singh from Haryana’s Karnal shot himself at the Kundali border in solidarity with the farmers protesting against the farm laws.

Before shooting himself he left a letter which stated he, ‘was hurt to see the plight of the farmers’ and the ‘government’s oppression’.

“I have witnessed the plight of the farmers, who are on the streets, struggling for their rights. I am hurt to see that the government is not giving them justice. It is a crime. It is a sin to oppress and it is a sin to suffer,” Sant Baba Ram Singh’s suicide note said.

“Nobody did anything against the oppression and for the rights of the farmers. Many even expressed their protest by returning awards,” it said.

“This servant commits self-immolation against the government oppression [and] in favour of the farmers. It [The act] is the voice against the oppression and the voice in favour of the farmers,” the suicide note, written in Punjabi said.

Deep Sidhu responded to the suicide:

The following video is said to be the last video of Sant Baba Ram Singh:

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