Sanjay Dutt Calls Abdali “A Great King” The Man Who Took Thousands of Hindu Women to Afghanistan

During promotions of the new film ‘Panipat’ Sanjay Dutt called Ahmad Shah Abdali/Durrani a great King. He went onto say that he disagreed that Ahmad Shah Abdali was villanous but that he came to invade India and went back to Afghanistan.

However, people on social media have called Sanjay Dutt out on his comments as Ahmad Shah Abdali’s army committed mass abductions of Hindu women and brought them to Afghanistan. Ahmad Shah Abdali committed massacres in India and looted the city of Delhi.

It wasn’t until the Sikh groups that attacked Abdali’s caravans and rescued the Hindu women. The Sikhs would carry the act during midnight hours around 12 o’clock and became famous for striking at midnight. However, people have even distorted this history and made a joke on Sikhs in regards to this historical significance.

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