It has been learned that photos of Sri Akal Takht Sahib, Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, Bhai Amrik Singh and General Subegh Singh have been forcibly removed from the Langar Hall of San Jose Gurudwara. These 3 photos have been in the Langar Hall for over three years.

According to the local sangat, the issue was brought to the notice of Gurudwara committee over two weeks ago. Committee informed sangat that some miscreant individual had taken these photos down but as of today the Committee has not restored these photos to their original location, neither any action has been taken against the individual who did this. This raises suspicion that some of the committee members may be directly or indirectly involved in removing the photos.

“Removing photos of Sri Akal Takht Sahib and the Shaheeds who defended it in 1984 has deeply hurt the sentiments of the Sikhs. It is not just a matter of photos but of a deeper conspiracy and motive behind this move. Whoever did this deliberate act has tried to divide the Sangat and cause unnecessary controversy at this sensitive time for Sikh community. This type of activity will not be tolerated and all Sikhs are urged to rise above their political affiliations to stand united in support of those who sacrificed their lives for the community.” stated a local Sikh member.

There are also indications that some committee members are not in favor of restoring the photos in the Langar Hall but want these transferred to a second floor room where less than 1% of sangat visits on any given day. “We fully support forming of a gallery upstairs to depict historic events and information. However, these three photos should remain at its original location in the Langar Hall. Shifting them elsewhere is like getting them out of sight. Besides any measure taken to decide about this important matter should be done via a proper calling of a general meeting where sangat can be present to express their views.

The Gurdwara Committee is an elected body and important matters not only warrant input from the sangat but a voting on record by each member of the committee for public and sangat knowledge and reference. The sangat deserves to know where each member stands on important matters and not let this be a decision by a few.” stated another Sikh member adding “We are proud of our brothers and sisters who sacrificed their lives for us and will continue to fight against this move in a passionate and democratic fashion. We urge the Sangat to raise their voice and ask the committee to restore the photos. “.

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