Salman Khan is gearing up for his next production titled Lion Of The Sea which is based on the infamous Komagata Maru incident which is expected to cost around 300cr according to sources. The film would star Irrfan Khan in the lead role.


Salman Khan has been churning out blockbusters every year. After Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Sultan and the upcoming Tubelight, Salman Khan will be seen in his home production titled Lion Of The Sea. The movie is based on the infamous Komagata Maru incident.

On May 23, 1914, a ship carrying 376 Sikh passengers, mostly immigrants from Punjab arrived in Canada’s Burrard Inlet in Vancouver. The Canadian Govt. denied their entrance due to a stringent law passed by British Columbia discouraging the immigration of Indians to Canada and the ship had to eventually return to Calcutta. Even though Sikhs were discriminated in Canada and given low wages and jobs which a Canadian would otherwise not do, Canadians were worried about Brown Invasion. On the other hand Japanese and Chinese were immigrating in unlimited numbers.

The Canadian PM Justin Trudeau recently issued an apology over the incident:

“Lions of the Sea is a film that depicts heroism of all those who were on board and challenged the racial policies of the British Empire… It’s a powerful human story of struggle and triumph in which Irfan will play a Sikh named Gurdit Singh. The story of those Sardars, Muslims and Hindus is relevant even today as we hear and read about the refugee crisis and racial profiling constantly. We have begun work on the pre-production and will announce the director and the rest of the cast in the next few days,” confirmed Amar Butala, Chief Operating Officer of Salman Khan Films to a leading daily.

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