Punjabi actor Diljit Dosanjh has catapulted Punjabi cinema to new highs with over a dozen of his films but now he’s set the bar pretty high with Sajjan Singh Rangroot.

The film is the highest budgeted film ever made by the Punjabi industry and opened to 1312 screens which is a record number of screens throughout India.

Diljit has called the film a “dream project” as he always wanted to showcase the tremendous contribution of Sikh soldiers on the silver screen.

The first day opened to full houses throughout India and making people reserve their tickets for the next day’s show due to extremely high demand.

The distribution company Omjee group took the industry to new heights by opening the film at places that have never shown a Punjabi film.

Here are some of the records the film has already set:

-First Punjabi film to be released in Russia.
-Most expensive Punjabi film til date
-First film on the sacrifice of Sikh soldiers in the World Wars.
-Released on most screens of any Punjabi film in history.

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