Statement regarding recent Gurdwara sex abuse case

Tara Singh, age 76, was this week convicted of sexual assault on a 10 year old child in Wolverhampton Gurdwara and sentenced to 16 months imprisonment.

Safer Sikhs Partnership commends the actions of the 10 year old who struggled free and alerted his mother immediately as to what happened. CCTV footage at the Gurdwara confirmed the identity and location despite the perpetrators initial denial.
We welcome the comments of Judge Barry Berlin who sent the defendant to prison and said: “You exploited and took advantage of this boy after gaining his trust through your age and location.”

Ever since launching in 2015, Safer Sikhs Partnership have been working hard to implement safeguarding procedures in Sikh establishments and within organisations.

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility, and we urge all faith based organisations to have safeguarding measures in place to deter predators and protect the vulnerable. We will continue to work towards making Sikh institutions as safe as possible.
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