There has been much said about the sequence of events that led a judge to force the Sikh Temple Yuba City to be closed for a weekend. There hasn’t been any evidence to prove who is lying and who is telling the truth. Liars and thieves have been free to broadcast their fabrications.

That changes now.

Towards the end of 2015, a group of individuals not affiliated with the legal Temple committee declared themselves the new committee. During the New Year’s Prayer Service, they interrupted the prayer to steal donation money.

The next day, a locksmith was brought to the Temple Grounds and the fraudulent committee had the locks changed. The Sutter County Sheriff’s Deputies they brought with them allowed this to happen.

An attempt was made by the fraudulent committee to disable the camera system. They failed.

The Sikh Temple Yuba City is a non-profit organization. The committee members are unpaid, and are donating their time. To serve on the committee is to perform service for the Temple and the Sangat (Congregation).

These shameful thieves have attempted to steal from the Temple. When the money was put into the garbage bags, there was a loss of custody of those funds. Are these thieves honorable enough to return every last dollar? And did they really think that holding secret meetings and paying locksmiths would force the current, legal, bylaw-abiding committee to step back and let them take over?

You have to ask yourself if these men realize how childish their behavior is.

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