Auckland, New Zealand 30 August 2015- A 27 year old Punjabi Gursimran Singh was attacked by 3 robbers after he refused to sell them alcohol due to being underage.

The incident occurred at Christchurch city and today the CCTV footage was examined to see what occurred. After the first individual slammed a bottle on Gursimran’s head he thought he’d be able to rob the liquor.

However, Gursimran showed tremendous courage and tried to fight off all three robbers. Another individual slammed a bottle on his head trying to knock him unconscious.

Due to the brutal attack, Gursimran started feeling dizzy and took cover to avoid further confrontation. The robbers slammed 4 bottles on his head before they fled.

According to the police, 15 bottles of liquor were robbed from the store and charges of attempt to murder were filed against the individuals.

A 15 year old was arrested and three others are being spoken to by police.

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