A deeper look into the the information released by the Sikh Council UK into issuing false information after meeting Indian PM Modi. Via: FSO:

In the next few days further information will be released in relation to blunders made by Sikhs who met Narendra Modi on 12 November and in an attempt to cover up their own failings. For some who attended and led discussions these revelations will make little difference as they already have a dubious record being close to the Indian authorities on their own admission and are not trusted by the Sikh community (i.e. Chair and General Secretary of the British Sikh Consultative Forum).

Others who however added some credibility to the meeting by attending, but not speaking and raising any issues at the meeting need to take a good look at themselves (i.e. Secretary General of the Sikh Council UK). Resignations should already have been forthcoming from the Secretary General and those in the leadership of the Sikh Council UK who encouraged him to attend despite strong advice to the contrary.

Ten days after the meeting with Narendra Modi they appear to be hell bent on retaining their positions at the risk of further damaging the standing of the Sikh Council UK, despite widespread criticism and calls for their resignation following disastrous TV interviews to justify their position. The next few days and weeks will demonstrate if they are so egocentric that they are not prepared to recognise their mistakes and willing to take down the Sikh Council UK along with them.

The blunders made are grouped under the following headings:


i) that Panthic organisations were totally opposed to any dialogue

ii) this was the first time Sikhs have had an opportunity to raise issues with the Indian Prime Minister


iii) by raising minor issues rejected or not mentioned at the Panthic meeting of Gurdwaras and Sikh organisations on 3 October at Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Southall, such as ‘blacklists’ and visas

iv) by dropping vitally important issues agreed at the Panthic meeting (presumably as a pre-condition), such as prosecution of police officers involved in human rights violations in Punjab, UN-led inquiry into the 1984 Sikh Genocide, the Sikhs right to self determination and the plight of Sikh farmers in Gujarat (and the recent desecration of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and the killing of peaceful Sikh protesters that was added to the list of issues at the follow up Panthic meeting on 24 October)

v) by the Sikh Council UK issuing a false Press Release by untruthfully giving the impression this was ‘probably’ the first time Sikhs had held a meeting with the Indian Prime Minister to raise the lack of justice for Sikhs and categorically stating a number of issues were raised that it has subsequently been established were in fact not raised in the meeting or in the written proposals submitted jointly by the Sikh Council UK and British Sikh Consultative Forum


vi) at the 3 October or 24 October Panthic meetings that pre-meetings had taken place in Delhi with the BJP General Secretary and National Security Adviser and some had very limited background knowledge of the person they agreed on behalf of Sikhs would be responsible for future negotiations

vii) some of the ‘proposals’ raised with the Indian authorities and Narendra Modi in writing had watered down some of the demands agreed at the Panthic meetings, such as the unconditional release of the 84 Sikh political prisoners as the first step in any conflict resolution process or the returning of rare and priceless items stolen by the Indian Army in June 1984 from the Sikh Reference Library

viii) no mandate was given for a meeting with Narendra Modi at the follow up Panthic meeting on 24 October as all relevant parties that were tasked on 3 October with ‘exploring’ the issues that had been agreed failed to attend the meeting or said they had made no progress


ix) regarding a mandate to take part in the meeting or share the joint statement given to the Indian Prime Minister within the Sikh Council UK before signing it;


x) the National Security Adviser about his fabricated ‘dossier’ handed to the British authorities maligning UK Gurdwaras, Sikh TV channels, Sikh organisations and Sikh youth and objecting to him being the person for the Indian authorities that would ‘negotiate’ with Sikhs in the future

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