An act which can be called a shame to humanity occurred in Ludhiana today where a mentally ill woman gave birth to a new born on the street. The newborn was in critical condition and needed immediate medical help in order to survive.

A man walking down the street saw the incident unfold in front of his eyes and grabbed the baby. He went around holding the bloody baby in his hands asking women to help him. No woman stepped forward and gave him excuses. The man refused to let the baby die and went further towards a local hospital until a random woman offered him help.

The man who picked up the baby from the road

The two approached a hospital nearby but the staff refused to treat the baby. The two begged them to help the baby as he was barely breathing. The excuse the hospital staff gave was that they needed the family members to deposit money.

Now with the baby in critical condition, the young man called local charity head Anmol Kwatra of ‘We do not accept money or things’. Anmol came onsite and told the staff that he would personally pay for the treatment of the baby.

Despite funds available, the staff refused them and asked them to seek help somewhere else. Now, several people joined in who were ready to offer help and they sought help from a second hospital. The second hospital also denied them medical services as the baby was not of theirs and belonged to low caste persons.

The only woman to help in the situation

Anmol spoke out on social media about the death of humanity on the streets of Ludhiana.

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