According to the British Sikh Report 2016, British Sikhs donate £125 million every year to charities. The report also found that Sikhs contribute an estimated 65 million hours on voluntary work for various charities. The Sikhs have taken a lead in feeding the homeless around the UK in the past 2 years which has caught the attention of worldwide media.

The survey by the British Sikh Report found Sikhs to be commonly involved in community service. 64% of the Sikh community engaged in some sort of voluntary work and 40% spend one to five hours a week on voluntary service such as service at the local gurdwara, while 2% of those surveyed spent 25 hours a week volunteering for charities.

“Sikhs spend about 200 hours per year on voluntary activities, on an average,” the study observed.

93 percent of the respondents donated money to a charity and half said they donated up to £20 per month with seven percent donating more than £100.

The report also found that the average donation by Sikhs was £380 (around Rs 36,000) each per year to charity.

The Sikh Federation UK had estimated that around 5,000 meals were now served to non-Sikhs by Britain’s 250 gurdwaras every week. It said the meals had been a lifeline for homeless people and overseas students swamped in debt.

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