Report: Punjabis Made into Slaves in Italian Farms

A larger part of more than 36,000 Punjabi ranch workers in Latina and connecting southern regions in Italy isn’t just being misused monetarily and physically, yet additionally compelled to live under slave control of criminals or individuals from homestead mafia.

Media outlets have reported that Sikhs working in the Italian farms often have to eat what the cows are eating and beaten if they don’t work the long hours. The Punjabi workers are often afraid to speak out because the landowners threaten them with mafia connections.

The Sikhs lift pick for up to 13-14 hours every day for more than six days seven days in immense fields of lettuce, zucchini, radish, eggplant and tomato. Amusingly, while the laborers cull vegetables and natural products for as long as 14 hours per day for six-seven days seven days, the Italian law stipulates that homestead pickers can’t work over six hours every day.

A dominant part of them had reached Italy by spending immense sums running between $20,000-25,000 to the brokers and travel specialists having their incredible system in Punjab and Europe.

It was without precedent for Italy’s history that Sikh ranch laborers sorted out a homestead strike, wherein in excess of 4,500 homestead pickers took out a walk in 2016 in commonplace capital of Latina in the midst of dangers from their supervisors and individuals from the mafia. Homestead specialists were helped in sorting out the strike by ranch worker turned-network dissident Gurmukh Singh and a nearby social extremist, Marco Omizzolo.

In excess of twelve Punjabi laborers have allegedly ended their lives the previous four years in the rich and lavish green fields of Latina — known as a farming hotspot of Europe.

“Another enormous issue for transient Sikhs or Punjabi ranch laborers is that homestead proprietors don’t pay them their contribution in very nearly 30 percent of the cases. The vagrant homestead work emergency is more in Italy’s southern states. Calling family to Italy is a Herculean assignment for vagrant workers as the procedure takes a long 8-10 years,” said Paramjit Singh, a teacher hailing from Hoshiarpur, who had gone through around 14 years in Italy before choosing to move back to Punjab alongside his family.

Pardeep Singh, another homestead specialist from Nawanshahr, said dedicated Punjabi transient workers achieved the vast majority of the ranch employments running from collecting to planting, yet they were not really flourishing because of the current ‘exploitative framework’. “They are frequently abused on the off chance that they oppose the servitude like framework or in the event that they look for reclamation of their rights or improving of their wages,” he said.

Gurmukh Singh’s little basic supply shop in Borgo Hermada has basically transformed into a little “network data focus” where Sikh ranch laborers desire looking for assistance in understanding the agreements or other related documentation. Ranch specialists state the most serious issue in the usage of work laws is the absence of the resolution of the neighborhood experts and deficiency of staff.

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