A Gurdwara in Mastuana, Punjab has once again come under the radar for resembling Sri Harmandar Sahib. The Gurdwara’s contruction started in 1967 in Mastauna, Punjab on the Sangrur Barnala road constructed by the Mastuana dera head Sadhu Singh.

Reportedly protests were launched in 1997 against the structure for it’s resembles to Sri Harmandar Sahib. The Akal Takht issued a Hukamnama in 1996 ordering the construction to stop and renovating it change the design.

Once again in the year 2008, Sikhs objected against the Gurdwara building and have once again approached the Akal Takht for intervention. The Akal Takht received a written apology in 2009 after issuing a Hukamnama but the construction never halted and the building still stands.

Now in 2015, the SGPC has formed a 5 member committee to look into the issue after Sikhs have once again protested regarding the structure.

The replica is now receiving attention by Sikhs worldwide.

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