US-Bangladesh Hindu blogger was hacked to death in Bangladesh for asking a questions related to extremism. The man named Dr. Avijit Roy was brutally murdered and his wife named Rafida Ahmed was critically wounded with deep cut to her head.

The Man Avjit Roy had been speaking out about religious extremism in Bangladesh on his blog. The extremist in the country responded by saying “He will be killed as soon as he returns home” openly on social networks. This is one of the many murders which has occurred in Bangladesh related to people speaking out on extremism.


When Avjit arrived in Bangladesh he was hacked to death on the street by Muslim militants after denouncing extremism. Men armed with large knives slashed him unknown number of times and he bled to death on the spot. A group has claimed responsibility for the attack and stated it was retaliation in response to “crime against Islam.”

During the brutal attack, Avjit’s wife tried to save him but the attackers turned on her also. When the attackers fled, Avjit lyed in a pool full of blood with his wife screaming and yelling but no one in the crowd came forward to help them.

The woman is now recovering from a deep cut injury to her head.

Dr. Roy was visiting the country for a book fair and militants took advantage of his arrival. The militants had posted threats several times in social media calling for his murder soon as he arrived in the country.

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