Relatives saw Professor Bhullar at Amritsar and told reporters about their meeting.

Here are 3 Reasons Why Professor Bhullar should be released:

1) The senior judge, Justice MB Shah, who was the presiding judge of the 3 judge bench that sentenced Prof. Bhullar, voted for an acquittal. Prof. Bhullar was sentences despite the split decision. The public prosecutor AG Chaudhari, who was arguing against Bhullar, supported the verdict of Justice MB Shah.

2) When arrested, Prof. Bhullar was given no legal counsel, which is a violation of international law (ICCPR).

3) Confessions must be given before the court, however in the case of Prof. Bhullar, he was forced to confess before the police. This confession has been retracted by Bhullar. He alleges that he was tortured and made to sign blank papers. This claim was never investigated and no other evidence was presented.

4) 133 eyewitnesses were called to identify Davinder Pal Singh Bhullar. None was able to identity him.

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