Relatives of the new Canadian Defense Minister Harjit Singh Sajjan celebrate in village Bambeli in District Hoshiarpur. Sikhs worldwide are celebrating Sajjan’s appointment to lead the National Defense of a major country.

4 must know facts about the new Canadian Defense Minister Harjit Singh Sajjan.

1) Born in Hoshiarpur, District of Punjab and arrived in Canada at the age of five by his father in 1976.
2) Served in the Vancouver Police Department for 11 Years and worked in the Gang Crime Unit specializing in organized crime.
3) Harjit Sajjan has four operational deployments; one to Bosnia and three deployments to Afghanistan.
4) “He was the best single Canadian intelligence asset in theatre, and his hard work, personal bravery, and dogged determination undoubtedly saved a multitude of Coalition lives. Through his courage and dedication, (then) Major Sajjan has singlehandedly changed the face of intelligence gathering and analysis in Afghanistan,” said Brigadier-General David Fraser in a letter to then Chief Constable Jamie Graham of the Vancouver Police Department.

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