Reality of Murthal Gang Rape, New Eyewitnesses Speak Out

Off course something happened, there is no smoke without fire, said an eye-witness during the Murthal Sting Operation.

As per the eye witnesses, something really wrong did happen due to which hue and cry was made. As per first eye witness, there were two cars in which ladies and small girls were traveling.

They were attacked when they tried to save themselves and took shelter nearby. After that military force reached the spot and then the cars were burnt. Second eye witness too said ‘galat kaam hua hai (something horrible took place)’.

The Haryana High Court has ordered a probe into the matter and also asked for the victims to come forward, and their complaint will be dealt with in a completely anonymous manner, in order to protect the identities of the victims.

Meanwhile the Police have alleged that the media has blown the issue out of proportion, as according to them no such incidents took place.

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