2 songs released in the past few weeks days ‘Sardar Ji’ have started a debate on the accurate image of Sardars.

Are Sardars known for their fashion ? Diljit Dosanjh’s song refers to a Sardar who makes a fashion statement while Surj RDB refers to a Sardar Ji to persons who’ve sacrificed themselves for the freedom of others.

Which image of Sardar Ji is accurate? The song which depicts Sikh sacrifices or one which refers to fashion statements?

Communities in India and outside know about the valiant and courageous efforts of Sikhs in history. The term ‘Sardar Ji’ has immense history because it was used to describe people who made a positive difference in society.

Sardars were people who committed selfless service and protected the rights of others. These Sardars sacrificed their life so that others can have freedom and hence the term became ‘Sardar Ji.’ They rescued thousands of captured women from Abdali who would have otherwise been sold in the markets of Afghanistan.

There are countless stories of woman who are noted saying they feel most safe around a Sardar because they know a Sikh won’t do anything wrong but instead protect them. After Sikh soldiers liberated Bangladesh, they found thousands of women abandoned and naked. The Sikh soldiers took of their turbans and covered the naked woman and brought them back to their villages safely despite having orders to leave sooner.

Song by Surj RDB Sardar Ji

Song by Diljit Sardar Ji

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