Rationale on Why Sikhs Are Not Voting For Trump

We greatly lack nuance in our discourse. The current two-party system is limiting and frustrating. Supporting a Biden-Harris ticket does not make them saints, and it does not mean that we stop being critical of their past, present and future policy choices and transgressions as politicians. And saying “Sikhs are Not For Trump” does not equate to a blanket endorsement and forgiveness of the Democratic party and their past decisions once and for all.

And it most certainly does not mean that there is only one political ideology that aligns with Sikh principles. If you contrive ALL that from my words, you lack critical thinking skills.

The fact that I have to make this disclaimer as a preempt to those who want to argue for sitting out elections AND those who can’t see past their bank accounts is evidence of this. Engagement requires reconciling with and navigating an imperfect set of circumstances and deriving the best outcome possible under said circumstances. And it requires constantly reevaluating as things progress.

That being said, let me make one thing clear: Sikhs are not for Trump. It’s that simple. If you call yourself a follower of Guru Nanak, who exemplified speaking truth to power in too many examples to count, you’re not allowed to sit this one out or vote for the guy who’s leading this country towards the same type of authoritarian rule that we left behind when we became immigrants.

If I need to give you a laundry list on why Trump is bad for women’s rights, immigrant communities, the literal planet, the LGBTQ+ community, public health and safety, the economy, the sanctity of earnest faith practices (to name a few), you need to check your privilege and insularity at the door.

This is a short piece I created for a couple fundraisers and I thought I’d share it here until the election is finished.

Friendly reminder: the election isn’t on November 3rd; it’s RIGHT NOW. Mail your ballots in / vote in person / encourage your friends and folks to do the same. I’m neither a political commentator nor a spokesperson for my community (I’m an artist with a day job), but I hope this can make a small difference.

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