Rare Eyewitness Account of Battle of Chamkaur By Kavi Senapati

For Punjabi Script version see below:

The Battle of Chamkaur
Through Satiguru’s grace, I can relate this great battle,
As per my capability, I describe the great deeds of the[se] warriors. 1|470|
When [the Guru] was standing on the hillock,
The Raja and Turks moved closer in their pursuit. 2|471|
Uday Singh284 pleased Kartar by offering to challenge the enemy,
That life is successful which is spent battling against enemies.3|472|
Leaving behind Uday Singh, the Guru moved ahead,
Stopping at a garden near Chamkaur, they rested. 4|473|
Receiving this news, the local chief of Chamkaur,
Rushed there immediately. 5|474|
With folded hands he requested Kartar,
‘Please come to the center of the village.’ 6|475|
On horseback, then Sahib left the garden,
The Singhs all accompanied him and arrived in Chamkaur. 7|476|
Then the enemies received the news [ through their spies],
That the Singhs had arrived in Chamkaur.8|477|
These foolish spies spread this news everywhere,
Uday Singh stayed behind, now listen with care. 9|478|
The Rajas and Turks arrived nearby,
Uday Singh fell upon them without delay. 10|479|
284 Son of Mani Singh and warrior in the Guru’s army.240
Jhulna Savaiya
When he rushed onto the battlefield, he killed many cavalrymen,
Corpses fell down as if a dyer had spread clothes on the ground for drying,
Reddened by blood as if dye had been applied,
It was as if a current of wind descended and uprooted strong trees. 11|480|
For three hours he kept the enemy at bay,
Then Uday Singh died fighting, remembering Satiguru. 12|481|
Accompanied by many Singhs armed with weapons they fought with great force,
Some armed with swords, some handling spears, shouting battle cries they rushed
Someone stretching his bow, unleashed his mortal arrows with precision,
Killing so many men as if building a mountain of corpses, the Singhs fought.
Fighting for three hours, the Singhs killed many there,
While fighting all of these warriors kept Satiguru in their mind. 14|483|
Then seeing them fall, the army was surprised,
They looked for Karan Karan all around. 15|484|
In the meantime many spies came from Chamkaur,
Everyone prepared for the battle and arrived there. 16|485|
Establishing their trenches as soon as they arrived,
Right there, the war started with the roar of a gun. 17|486|
Surrounded on four sides by those forces, in the middle stood Gobind Singh,241
Shining like the moon surrounded by stars. 18|487|
All of the armies arrived, standing there,
Surrounded on four sides with no escape route. 19|488|
Like dense clouds gathering in the directions, the warriors of these armies arrived,
Chamkaur was completely surrounded, no road was passable,
Seeing the swarming armies on four sides, the Singhs rose to fight,
Then with a mind focused on Satiguru, the the Sikh soldiers fought
Everyone said that the warriors of Guru Gobind have gathered,
Holding their weapons these great warriors descended upon the field,
Coming together with pleasure, there was no occasion for fear,
They were confident that Prabhu would take care of them and they fought
bravely. 21|490|
Roaring the Singhs rushed forward onto the field displaying their weapons,
Some armed with swords, the jamdhar, spears, guns, and others unleashing
Warriors brandishing these five weapons, felled many warriors in battle,
There was great fear at that time as the Singhs appeared as the form of death
itself. 22|491|
Descending upon these armies,
All of the Singhs did thus.
These sounds of steel resounded,
Quickly the melody of battle sounded. 23|492|
Falling to the earth with a great thud,242
Many warriors died fighting there.
One wounded fell down delirious,
Others died an instanteous death. 24|493|
One ran away never to return,
Other warriors fought face to face.
In this way the Singhs fought unexcelled,
As if intoxicated, they fought with abandon. 25|494|
Felled by bullets,
Their clothes and limbs reddened by blood.
In four directions, their swords shone,
Unleashing arrows, unassailable in battle.26|495|
There felled by bullets that passed through the body,
As if a great rain poured down.
All of the Singhs fought together,
The Khalsa continuously reciting [God’s name].27|496|
Then, Karan Karan called over one Singh [Ajit Singh],285
He told him to dispatch the enemies. 28|497|
With folded hands, he requested, ‘O Kartar, do me this favor,’
‘Please watch me fight in this mighty battle.’29|498|
Acceding to this request, he sent Ranjit to destroy those enemies,
Pleasing Gurudev at that time, he went into battle surveying the forces around
285 Guru Gobind Singh’s son, he is referred to as Ranjit, Ajit, and Jit in this text.243
With a loud battle cry, the army saw him arrive,
Then the Turks encircled him and fought a mighty battle. 30|499|
Chhapai Chhand
That day when Ranjit stood like a pillar in the earth and fought,
The earth shook and the sun was eclipsed,
The wind stopped and night turned into day,
The heavens trembled with the sound of those cannons,
The sound of drums filled the three worlds and filled the minds of the gods,
Alighting upon their conveyances, they all came, including Shiva, to see this
battle. 31|500|
Then a yogini came and Narad’s trumpet resounded,
Jit Singh returned to the battlefield. 32|501|
Seeing the army in four directions, he grabbed his bow,
Unleashing arrows like the falling rain during Savan. 33|502|
Whoever was touched by his arrow died,
Felled by the sword, many Pathans fell. 34|503|
Chhapai Chhand
Holding his bow mightily,
Whoever he hit in the chest, that arrow pierced their armor,
Felled in this way, they maintained their honor,
Forgetting their worldly concerns, they lost all sense,
In this way, Jit Singh killed many Pathans,
Leaving aside his bow, he fought with many other weapons. 35|504|244
Rushing at the army,
Felling those on horseback in a moment. 36|505|
When Ranjit went into battle he fought with such unexcelled skill,
Corpse fell upon corpse, and blood flowed as if out of a pipe,
Holding a spear with great vigor, immediately killing everyone at that place,
Lifting these weapons with such strength, many fell to the earth. 37|506|
Witnessing the death of these Pathans in battle,
Seeing this everyone recited ‘Khuda Khuda.’286 38|507|
Seeing Ranjit fighting in this way, the armies cried, ‘Vah Vah,’287
Ranjit Singh killed many enemies with his spear, lining the edge of the field with
Flowing like a endless river of blood in the field,
His horse turned around with great agility, with a shield in his hand he killed
many. 39|508|
Jit Singh fighting in all four directions,
Leaving aside his bow, he grabbed his spear. 40|509|
286 Khuda is a common epithet for God used in the Islamic tradition.
287 ‘Great, Great.’245
When his spear fell upon the earth broken into two pieces, he killed many with his
Severing many heads into two and four pieces,
All flowing in a river of blood,
Felled with no trace of sense or consciousness, everyone was senseless in the
field. 41|510|
There was great fighting at the village near Chamkaur,
Fighting they held their positions. 42|511|
In his way, Ranjit Singh fought well,
Those great warriors fought in this way. 43|512|
Fighting with resolve, Ranjit destroyed the leaders of the armies,
Brandishing a sword and attacking, bodies fell upon the ground,
Like a river of blood flowing with corpses lining its edge,
Treading the field with their horses, they fought with great strength. 44|513|
The brave warrior fought in battle with his sword,
He killed these great warriors, the leaders of their armies. 45|514|
Then the armies gathering together closed in from the four directions,
Ready for battle they approached. 46|515|246
Then seeing them there he seemed was prepared as if ready to play Holi,
With the clashing of spears, swords, arrows, and guns, blood flowed freely,
Everything glistening as if colored by red powder,
As if a garden full of red flowers finally comes to bloom. 47|516|
Their bodies completely covered in blood,
Sprinkled in color as if it was the season of spring. 48|517|
A yogini arrived and waited there with her bowl, eager for Ranjit’s blood.,
Apart from you who fought such a battle, who could satiate her appetite?
Vultures circling and Narad danced, there an incalculable number of warriors had
There was heavy fighting in the middle of Chamkaur. 49|518|
Hit upon horseback, that mighty warrior engaged in this excellent work,
Drinking from the cup of love288, he became one with God. 50|519|
At that time Gobind Singh said,
‘Ranjit has achieved the special status of the Khalsa in Satiguru’s darbar.’ 51|520|
As if enacting the ras of Hari ji in the forest, there they all stood on the battlefield.
With the sound of drums creating a melody,
288 “pyala prem ka.”247
Together, the warriors played the games of spring and danced in the ras,
Spreading out a carefree bed made of blood, these warriors fell down into a deep
slumber. 52|521|
At that time their hearts were fixated on his lotus feet,
Reciting Vahiguru, they faced their final moments.53|522|
Though [these things] appeared on the surface, no one can fathom the extent of
Prabhu’s ways,
They died or disappeared in some direction, no one knows where,
No one could count how many corpses had fallen there,
Even meditating upon this without end, they still wouldn’t be able to understand
anything. 54|523|
Then when Jujhar Singh289 saw that the time had come,
He rushed forward into battle holding his bow. 55|524|
He, the strong warrior, rushed the army unleashing his arrows,
Those who were hit in battle fell down in great pain,
Corpses plied upon corpses, a yogini came to fill her bowl,
Fighting in this way the battlefield became reddened.56|525|
289 Guru Gobind Singh’s son.248
Chhapai Chhand
Holding the bow and unleasing arrows,
Whoever’s heart it pierced died without delay,
Those on horseback were felled,
Whoever was hit by an arrow died on the spot,
Killing so many Pathans, the four directions were filled with corpses,
It is not possible to account for all of those killed by Jujhar [Singh]. 57|526|
Seeing the army approaching from all four directions,
Then grabbing a lance without delay. 58|527|
He circled his hand with a lance,
Heads were strung upon it as flowers in a garland.
Woven in a garland exuding the fragrance of sandalwood,
Diffusing with every pulsation of wind.
Touching them [heads], weaving them,
Causing them to fall [off of their bodies].
The unending flow of blood was overwhelming,
In which those dead bodies drowned.59|528|
That warrior fought in that way and killed so many,
Seeing him, many horseriders were scared and fell off their horses,
Calling out with battle cries, everyone fired their arrows and guns,
Grabbing his sword, the Singh ran into battle.60|529|
Fighting in the field, nobody could face this warrior,249
With sword in hand, attacking and cutting the enemy into two pieces,
Corpses plied upon corpses, a current of bloody wind was blowing,
Killing them by sword, Jujhar Singhs fought in such a way that the trumpets were
sounded. 61|530|
He rushed into the army with sword in hand as if he was greeting those warriors,
Those who carried swords in their hands, lost their heads by his hand,
While battling, many warriors closed in on him,
Seeing this, Jujhar Singh pondered over what he could do with the help of
Then Zoraver Singh290 came to the battlefield,
Killing many in the army, splitting them into pieces,
Moving from here to there, in the center of everything without fear,
Fighting with those warriors with spears, lances, arrows, and swords. 63|532|
Pulling on their swords, he made them fall on the ground,
Those riders fell with a thud to the ground in front of him.
Falling unconsciously and helplessly,
Like pigeons in front of a hawk.
He killed those riders with his sword,
As the leaves fall in the face of a storm.
There is no way to fathom his actions,
Zoraver Singh killed many warriors. 64|533|
290 Guru Gobind Singh’s son.250
They left to confront the army,
Intervening on Zoraver’s behalf, Prabhu asked Kartar to protect him.65|536|
Then Sant Singh291 seized his sword,
Running toward the army he didn’t return.66|535|
Challenging from such close quarters,
Killing these soldiers, felling them in battle.
The Singhs fighting with sharpened swords,
Shining like flashes of lightning.
Arrows raining down, pricking the body,
Like the hair on the body.
The fighting was unyielding,
[These men fighting] as if flowers swinging in a garden.67|536|
Fighting with fervor in the battlefield,
Holding swords on horseback and felling those enemies to the ground,
Alighted upon their horses decorated with glorious saddles, killing many enemies,
Many injured on the battlefield with blood flowing from their bodies. 68|537|
Reciting ‘Khalsa Khalsa’ there was no reliance upon another,
Reciting ‘Vahiguru’ Sant Singh gave up his life. 69|538|
So many warriors fought there, such peerless warriors,
Grabbing their bows upon horseback. 70|539|
291 Warrior in the Guru’s army.251
Grabbing their bows and arrows, preparing the army they rushed forward,
Unleashing lethal arrows without delay, sounding a melody,
At that time Prabhu peformed a miracle when an enemy attacked him,
Due to Prabhu’s intervention, the arrow flew past at a finger’s distance.71|540|
Prabhu created a plan to go in some other direction,
But no one saw Prabhu leaving. 72|541|
Whatever armies remained they gathered and rushed toward Chamkaur,
The sahibzadas were captured and brought to Sirhind,
Jujhar Singh responded to the Turks sharply and annoyed them,
Then, due to Prabhu’s grace, both of the sahibzadas departed for their heavenly
Blessed are the sons of Gurudev who showed no attachment to their bodies,
They protected dharam in the Kaliyug, giving pride to their grandfather [Guru
Tegh Bahadur].74|543|
Fateh Singh and Jujhar Singh gave their lives,
The three worlds knew of their sacrifice. 75|544|
Thus concludes the account in Sri Gursobha of the Battle of Chamkaur

Source: Ami Praful Shah

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