Raping Scene Draws Outrage from Worldwide Sikh Community

A worldwide outrage has occurred after a scene from the new Amazon web series ‘Pataal Lok’ shows a Sikh man raping a woman. The scene appeared on Episode 3 of the series which has caused anger among the Sikh community. The Sikhs are generally regarded to be the savior of women and have done so throughout history. Amritdhari Sikhs in particular are always protecting honor of women. There are always bad apples in an orchard but to highlight a Sikh man conducting rape is blasphemous to some.

The scene shows gross vulgar language and shows the entire Punjabi and Sikh community in a very poor light. The story was broken by SIKH24 editors who brought the attention of the story to Sikhs around the world.

An extremely vulgar language has been used in the dialogues of this episode to present the culture of Punjabi men in a very poor light.

Sikh community leaders are expressing disappointment that the entertainment industry has stepped to such low levels that they are showing Sikh man in such horrendous scenes.

Towards the end of the video link is where part of the scene is available:

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