Randeep Hooda: “I”m Now A Better Person Due to Sikhism”

A film featuring actor Randeep Hooda hasn’t released in over 3 years due to busy working a film which was never made. Randeep Hooda grew a full beard for the Battle of Saragarhi film but despite his hard work the producers decided not to make the film.

However, Randeep Hooda told the media that despite the film being shelved, he got an opprotunity to learn about Sikhism and sewa which has made him a better person.

Here is an excerpt from an interview HT.

Randeep Hooda has not been seen onscreen for a long time – the actor says it was because he was busy with a film “on the Battle of Saragarhi for two to three years, which didn’t fructify”, but refrains from saying on why the film was shelved. He adds, “Ask if he wishes his film was made, Randeep laughs, “I think the story of the Battle of Saragarhi is still begging for a better film despite all the films out there.”

“The worst things in life teach you the best things. I think I am a better person now. I imbibe a lot of Sikhism and [there’s] a sense of seva, and gratitude [in me],” Randeep added.

“You can look at it in two ways – your internal journey, which I think has been a great experience. Secondly, my external journey that’s not in my hands. If I talk about [the fact that] I haven’t got my dues, it’s just unbecoming and uncool,” he says, adding that one should “forget that the world owes you something.”