Randeep Hooda Asks Forgiveness at Gurdwara Over Cutting Hair for Hollywood Role

He was quoted in the Hindustan Times stating:

Actor Randeep Hooda was waiting to play a Sikh soldier in his Hindi film Battle of Saragarhi when he landed one of the lead roles in the Hollywood film, Extraction. The actor had grown his beard and hair for the long-delayed film and had pledged not to cut them until the completion of the Battle if Saragarhi. The Sarabjit actor has now opened up about how heartbroken he was when he had to break his promise in order to get into the look of his character in Extraction.

“Talking about cutting his hair, he told Candy magazine in an interview, “But I did not want to deviate too far, in case Saragarhi starts, I could get a beard and finish it off. I really wanted the audience to see that. I was really heartbroken. I had taken a pledge in front of the Guru Granth Sahib in Golden Temple that I will not cut my hair till this movie reaches its conclusion. When I got offered this role in Extraction, I did this audition still hoping that Saragarhi goes on, but it was a very hard decision for me to take off my hair.. Kesh Katana. So I went to the Gurdwara here, and I apologised and I said, I have to work. You know, I have to keep working. I mean my job is such that it is a performing art. And if I don’t perform something inside me will die. And I apologised, I came home shaved my beard, with a very heavy heart, I just had to move on by putting an end to it.””

Read entire article: Hindustan Times

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