In a Facebook post, Kanwar Sandhu termed the incident as “unfortunate”, adding, “After the videos, ‘Confessions of a Punjab Police Cop’ were uploaded on YouTube, I was approached by Kamaldeep Kaur saying I should have taken Rajoana’s version on the issues concerning him.

Kamaldeep Kaur writes on her Facebook page, accused Kanwar Sandhu of indulging in “yellow journalism” as part of a deep-rooted conspiracy. She claimed that her family had approached Sandhu for Rajoana’s version on the allegations leveled against him by Pinky in his videotaped interviews to Sandhu. “We said that Pinky be brought face to face with Rajoana. Today, Pinky and Sandhu reached the jail and entered the office near the meeting area laced with several armed gunmen.

“Veerji (Rajoana) was in the meeting area behind the wire mesh when Sandhu came to meet him accompanied by a police official. Before the meeting could begin, the official asked veerji to come out to record the meeting. Veerji told the official that since they had brought him (Sandhu) here, the meeting would happen. The official was trying to force veerji to come out. Veerji told Sandhu that it was his duty to have taken his version before posting the videos.” Kamaldeep has not made any mention of what happened next.

She also “released” a letter written by Rajoana on her Facebook page, which says, “Sandhu, in league with Pinky, is working at the behest of the government, and I am not answerable to him.” He said he never met Pinky, as claimed by the latter in an interview to Sandhu.

In a Facebook post, Rajoana’s sister Kamaldeep Kaur stated the her brother attacked Kanwar Sandhu with Siri Sahib as he was upset with his reporting and not taking his version of the story.

Kamaldeep Kaur Rajoana wrote:


video: PTC news

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