The sister of Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana has confirmed yesterday’s incident of the attack on journalist Kanwar Sandhu. Kanwar Sandhu posted his response on the incident by saying he was set up and that Rajoana deliberately attacked him in the jail cell.

Bibi Kamaldeep Kaur took to social media to present her side of the story. She stated that 8-10 jail employees were present in the cell and that they had taken a hold of Rajoana as he charged on Kanwar Sandhu. She further stated that despite the heavy presence of jail employees Rajoana was able to get loose and attack Kanwar Sandhu with his Siri Sahib. She says, “due to presence of jail workers the Siri Sahib only slightly hit Kanwar Sandhu.”

The sister has confirmed that Rajoana purposely attacked journalist Kanwar Sandhu as he was upset about his reporting with Pinky Cat.

She goes onto say that it was Rajoana’s way of responding to publishing “False” reporting about him without his side of the story. She writes a detailed letter addressing the meeting on Facebook.


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