Union Minister Rajnath Singh and CPM MP Mohammad Salim engaged in a heated debate after MP Salim quoted Minister Rajnath Singh saying that India has a Hindu ruler after 800 years, to which Minister took great offense and stated that he was deeply hurt.

The two-day special discussion on the Indian Constitution over the winter session of parliament has kicked-off in full earnest today with the first full fledged discussion on intolerance beginning in the Lok Sabha.

The parliament members were quite tolerant of each other at the beginning. However, a statement made by CPI(M) member Mohammad Salim who hit out at the Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh ,made things worst.

The debate on intolerance took an ugly turn today in Lok Sabha after accused Home Minister Rajnath Singh of making Hindu ruler remark. CPI-M Mohammad Salim started the discussion on intolerance in Lok Sabha, saying that it is a serious issue concerning the country. Reacting to this Rajnath Singh says he is very hurt because of the allegations put on him. He said “I would want to ask him where I have made such remarks on Hindu leader comments or else apologise.”

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