Warring’s sorry video – He thundered and roared in the Punjab assembly till he cut a “sorry” figure. Speaking on the “supreme” sacrifice of former MLA Ramanjit Sikki, who resigned in protest against sacrilege of sri Guru Granth Sahib ji, Indian Youth Congress president Amrinder Singh Raja Warring’s statement that “just a long beard didn’t make one a Sikh” saw many Akalis getting up and seeking an apology, forcing the House to be adjourned.

During that time Warring was seen yelling that he won’t say sorry. But when the House resumed, Warring went on a sorry-spree, apologising to anyone and everyone who got up in the ruling benches.

Though no TV channels are allowed to cover the proceedings, a video of Akali MLA Virsa Singh Valtoha asking him to say sorry and Warring parroting—mein maafi mangda han—has been making rounds on WhatsApp.

Raja warring on Sikhi by dailysikhupdates

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