Punjabi Singer and Actor Amrinder Gill’s new movie Love Punjab’s official trailer has been removed by some miscreant by using Other singer of Punjab Raj Kakra’s fake account on youtube.

Kakra Wrote on Facebook:


Amarinder Gill also informed about the incident on his facebook :


Amarinder Gill Shared Raj Kakra’s Video with caption, “Raj Kakra Bhaji Thanks For Clarifying The Facts”.

The official trailer of the film has been released and looks like, the singer-actor’s fans are in for an entertainment extravaganza. The film stars Sargun Mehta as the lead opposite Amrinder, and the duo’s crackling chemistry is evident even in the three-and-a-half-minute trailer.

‘Love Punjab’ revolves around a Punjabi couple (Sargun and Amrinder) who is settled in Canada and is going through a troubled marriage, so much so that they have to consult a marriage counselor. Their only son becomes a victim of their disturbed relationship and the young boy is hit by depression. On a psychiatrist’s suggestion, the family pays a visit to Punjab, India. And going by the trailer, what follows seems to be a roller coaster ride of humour, emotions, drama and a lot of fun.

Raj Kakra took to Facebook to express his outrage:

Official Trailer of Love Punjab Re-Posted:

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